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Indian Snacks


Yummy Indian snacks only for you packed in and get the desired texture the crispy tapioca chips with some salt make your day glow with the crisp of it and the taste that defines fresh Tapioca. We also have many varieties of your favourite snack thattai prepared from fresh chana ,urad and pottukadali known as chutney dal. Get some mixtures and have it with some dry farsan like golden corn classic pack with only specially fried corn flakes with some spicy taste. Want to go for trendy mixtures like corn mixtures and yellow country mixture defining sweet and turmeric flavoured special snack designed for you. For garlic flavour lovers enhance your tongue with garlic thattai a snack which can be consumed every time to just feel the garlic have it with your favourite sauce of your taste /chutney. Yellow textured Karachev desires us to eat it with our casual routine snack may be during a sunset with a cup of tea. Mysore dhal lovers we have great mixture for you redesigned with the ground cashews i.e. Kaju known in Indian cuisine. Great varieties of Thenkuzhal available with us. The pure white traditional thenkuzhal to the fusionist Mullu Thenkuzhal having the red texture naturally implemented on it with fresh oil and fried in it for your taste.

Indian snacks are usually consumed in the era of Indian festivals using different spices, red chilli powder and mainly protein rich ingredient. They are usually pan fried or deep fried in oil. Indian snacks are usually served either with green chutney, tamarind chutney or fried green chillies. In Indian cuisine sauces are termed as chutney.

Indian snacks are of different shapes like rectangular, triangle, circle, and different shapes which are either sweet or spicy. Indian snacks enrich our tongue with various cinnamon or hard spices of the Indian culture that are spicy and tasty. They can be chakris, samosa or farsan especially the dry fruit mixture that is termed as chevada or cheveda in Indian cuisines, banana crisps or potato crisps sprinkled with black pepper or Kara omapodi the famous Chennai’s. Some Indian snacks like murukku and handmade murukku that is made, moulded and given shape by hand and then deep fried. Also the delicious mouth-watering masala groundnut or a spicy & bitter taste of the bitter gourd’s chips a unique and classic choice of classy people. You can also go for seedai and butter murukku.  Don’t miss the classic and tasty Ribbon Pakoda and pepper thattai.

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